I am passionate about zither intimately connected with technique and float between  jazz and contemporary music. Personally, I am interested in just about everything to do with this great instrument, such as its technical development, the way it is built, the materials that are used, the various techniques of playing it and the exploratory research of possible tonal variety.    My repertoire crosses many genres of music, but most of all I consider myself for a jazz musician and the zither is my medium of expressing myself  freely without limitations and conventions: The New Viennese Zither Strings or in other words: Cloud Cithering - the symbiosis of the zither family with the digital world My special focus is on music from the Renaissance to jazz, experimental music and spontaneous improvisation at event openings or lectures. As well as transforming my impressions of  specific themes of the performing arts into music. If you are interested please contact me. I would be happy to hear from you.
let’s talk about zither and jazz
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Guenter Johannes Kalina
sound investigator, composer, musician.